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Art Fairs-’Tis the Season

I was in Oklahoma last weekend and it happened to be the weekend for the Oklahoma City Arts Fair, (in addition to the first game of the Thunder/Mavericks series,a baseball game and the Big 12 Rowing Competition…busy, busy, busy)
A few of the artists were really great, a few were good and several I’m still puzzling over how they got the rent money together?!…BUT if you are showing in the South and Midwest, where the heat and humidity roll over you, there is just about nothing you can do to sell a chenille, cowl neck, scarf like neck/shoulder/head covering except maybe put them on nude mannequins as skirts. They were beautiful and had I been even at room temperature I would have considered them but they were definitely a northern climate seller after March! Just seeing them made me go order a Mango-La at the Indian food booth to cool down.
Two of the booths I really liked were Paul Shatz Fine Art Photography and Josh Brooke Cote
Paul Shatz photos were stunning and on his information sheet there was a photo of him submerged in a river with his large format camera on a tripod and all I could think was ‘LEECHES!!’ That is serious dedication and I appreciated the photos even more.
Josh Brooke Cote does these wire sculptures that I know from experience are labor intensive and require that you not be a hand model, (gloves will be your best friend). There were some great water creatures, the octopus being a favorite and also a rabbit riding an old tricycle. The combination of the wire sculptures and found objects was really fun.
I haven’t made it to the arts festivals here in the DFW area but there seems to be one every weekend somewhere around here and you need to be there when they open and the thermometer is low!

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