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Concert T-Shirts Wall Hanging

We just finished a project for some concert loving friends who have been collecting concert t-shirts for many years and did not feel that a quilt would really match the theme, (punk rock, mohawks, piercings and rebellion) of the collection.¬†They liked the idea of a wall hanging but not the loose fabric style that would move as people passed it and stirred the air. We decided on a thin masonite panel covered with a charcoal grey felted wool so the panels would stay rigid, plus they have the added benefit of sound absorption because the room has a high peaked ceiling. The shirts are stretched over foam core and are attached to the panels with velcro so the hangings can be added to or rearranged if needed. The grommets and safety pins were added as part of the design for the cultural reference to the concerts they attended. If we had been able to represent the Mohawk hairdos of their youth we would have but they will just have to put up their photographic proof of that…I think over the fireplace would be good.

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