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Field trip to the DMA

Hello Everybody,

Before making our official inaugural blog posting, Del and I decided to take a break and go on a field trip.

Our website guru, Jason, (the Anvil Conspiracy) had just spent several hours going over the joys of social media and expressing his urgent pleas, or rather, DEMANDING, that we blog, tweet and pay attention to our Facebook page DAILY.  Consequently, with our brains aching, we decided to go to the Dallas Museum of Art and check out the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit which ends on Sunday, (it is moving to its final stop in the U.S. at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, de Young, in March).

The show was really crowded, (so don’t wait until the last minute) but it is obvious why it was crowded…the show is fantastic! There is so much to look at and it is not all behind glass and too far away to see the detailing, I didn’t even need to get out the glasses or squint. There are great photographs, videos, information placards and of course the clothes.  Quite a few of the pieces have info on the number of hours a garment took to produce, (one took 1004 hours!) so you do need to look at those little info plaques if your prone to just glancing at them here and there.

Back to the studio…we both have an entirely separate wardrobe of paint covered clothes that could use some updating and now I’m thinking beadwork, tulle and leather might make them more fun but I will have to delay that project for now as we have a mural for Mexico to get started on AND I don’t really know how to sew.

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