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Fly Away Little Mural

Well…We have resurfaced! This mural was a bit time consuming as it involved applying a LOT of gold leaf, (about 400 square feet) and then trying to get the paint to stick to the pretty gold surface. For anybody out there who has not worked with gold leaf, it is like trying to handle air. It gets a little warm in the studio (which is basically a 95′x 23′ warehouse space), which does cool down BUT you can NOT have a fan on while trying to apply gold leaf, disaster and hilarity will ensue, but mostly DISASTER! (I did, however, have festive hair – very sparkly). Also, I tend to hold my breath while applying the little gold leaf sheets and sometimes need to exhale, this will lead to little gold leaf wads if I don’t turn my head far enough to the side or, conversely, sparkly nostrils if oxygen is needed. Everyone should try it at least once, it is actually fun once you’ve got a system worked out.
So, the mural has been taken down, put into its shipping tube, flown to Laredo to wait for approval before heading to Santa Fe, Mexico, (a district of Mexico City I believe) and we have the canvas up for the next one which is headed to Canada.
We got a great deal through Dick Blick on the gold leaf since we ordered so much so check them out if you need some and ask for a better rate if getting mass quantities!
Fun With Gold Leaf

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